Thursday, 28 June 2007

research plans

Phew, busy few months--two conferences (one of which I was organizing), then straight into examining. It's all over for the summer, though--time to resurrect my research.

I have several projects on the go:

  • An essay on decorum, music and innuendo in Italian academies of the sixteenth century for an essay collection with OUP.
  • A book review for JSMI.
  • An article that was to be a chapter in a book on early modern masculinities is now cast adrift and in search of a new home. I need to work out where to send it and get the blasted thing out.
  • An article on sprezzatura that I have trailed around as a conference and seminar paper several times.
  • I need to decide whether to get together a proposal for an essay collection from my conference.
  • I'm going to propose an edition of dialect songs. We'll see how that goes--worst I can hear is "no".

Far too many to complete in one summer, I think, especially since there's only 8 weeks or so left and I am due about 3 weeks holiday.